Richard and Barbara Barker

The Fowlescombe Flock of Manx Loaghtan and Hebridean sheep

We now have over 200 head of Manx and Hebs - click here for details Note: as of 2007 the Hebridean are no longer rare - see below

For sale - we normally have provided pedigree animals for sale to help create new or compliment existing rare breed flocks. People also buy them for eating off paddocks etc. Below you can see some of our early breeding stock and other products

Manx Loghtans   Heb Ram
Hebs   Sheep skins
Hebrideans   Manx sheep skin
Grazing the church yard   Makes great jumpers
We sell sheep for grazing paddocks or even churchyards - this was at Blackawton   Wool from Hebs (or Manx)
The wool makes great Aran style jumpers

To the right is Brucite, our first Hebridean ram. The sheep are bred and kept on the farm for their natural life, often until they are 14 or more years old. They spend most of their lives in the fields, but during winter if the weather is very bad we give them shelter in a well ventilated renovated stone stable. During winter we supplement their grass diet with hay and haylage (which they would kill for !!) and some home-produced crimped corn. The sheep do not tend to poach the land the way that cattle do, but they do like shelter from the combination of cold, wet and wind.

We also have a few rare breed chickens, Derbyshire Redcaps , which we are trying to raise chicks from. And on an extensive basis we breed pedigree Aberdeen Angus and pedigree Irish Moiled cattle - see our web site for details

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Hebridean no longer rare breed

Jeff Moore, Chairman of the Hebridean Sheep Society, comments "For a century, the Hebridean had survived only in small numbers in a few ornamental flocks under the misnomer of St, Kilda. In 1974, the breed was included in the first RBST list of endangered breeds of livestock. It is thanks to the dedication of The RBST and the breeders that just 33 years on, the breed's dramatic recovery has resulted in the Hebridean being removed from the Watchlist, having gained its rightful place in the mainstream sheep industry. Thank you RBST for your major part in this amazing success story". (

We are delighted and are proud that in some small way we helped swell the numbers by several hundred

If you would like to stay on our organic working farm and see our lovely rare and traditional sheep please contact us

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